Parent/Guardian TO DO LIST


STEP-BY-STEP Guidelines to Keep You Involved and Informed at School


¨   Step 1 – Please Apply For Free & Reduced Lunch (Re-Apply Annually).

¨   Step 2Update Your Emergency Contact Form on SIS Aspire.

¨   Step 3 – Know your child’s PREP schedule so they can bring the right items (shoes P.E.).

¨   Step 4Apply for Extracurricular Programs: PTA (Parent Teacher Association), Orchestra (4th & 5th), Lego Robotics (3rd-5th), ASC, and let the school know about any concerns.

¨   Step 5Bus Routes and Times.


¨   Step 6Attendance – Always Speak With the Secretary or Parent Liaison When Your Child Misses School and Give a Reason. *For Trips, Get Pre-Approval by the Principal Beforehand. 

¨   Step 7 – Make It a Habit to Check Your Child’s Backpack Every School Night. See “Homework Guidelines”


¨   Step 8Memorize Your Children’s Student ID Numbers (Lunch #’s) in SIS Aspire

¨   Step 9 – Print and Record Your Login/Password Information

¨   Step 10 – Everything You Need to Know About the School (Policies & Procedures)

¨   Step 11 – Know How to Contact Your Child’s Teacher (Sign Up for Communications)

¨   Step 12 – Website – Browse and Get Familiar with School Website – esp. Calendar

¨   Step 13Being Prepared for Emergencies


¨   Step 14Know How to Sign Up For Parent Teacher Conferences

¨   Step 15 – Sign up for and donate to Passive Fundraising Opportunities for the school.