Community Council Minutes

March 2, 2017
Location: Hillcrest Elementary Conference Room

Sara Doutre Kate Twohig
Jason Pond Spencer Holmgren
Debbie Brough Kim Kelley
Shelli Field Jenna Williams
Deandra Harps

Welcome by Sara Doutre

Public Input - None

Hillcrest Mission - To ensure all students at Hillcrest are learners with skills to reach their dreams and succeed - learn, dream, succeed

Is the committee set for the DLI discussion? Yes, we aren't sure of the venue, but the first meeting is March 16 at 3:30. Jason and Sara will give an update to the council after each of these meetings. The first meeting will be orientation and logistics

Approval of Minutes - Kim motion to approve, Jason seconded - minutes approved.

Welcome to Debbie and Shelli, they are here to observe today and the possibility is there that they can be added to the council.

By-laws discussion. A paragraph in section 10 adds that we can vote by e-mail. Phone was an option, but it was decided that everything needed to be in writing. No discussion was put forward. Motion to approve - Kate, Jason seconded. Vote to approve - unanimous.

Budget update - We are on target to spend our allotment - most is for instructional assistance. The teacher line item is for science specialists. Our science specialist is now teaching science to the whole school population.

STEM discussion has been moved to the next meeting SIP is due to district by March 23. Our purpose today is to build understanding with everyone so as things are sent out we can all know what is happening. First we'll look at the report of the current plan. Timeline was discussed. Spencer will present to school board on March 28. Board will approve plans on April 25 and it will be sent to the state by May 1. You will see conservative figures today that have been approved by Jeff Barben. Amendments can be made throughout the year with approval of the school board.

Review of current plan - some of the tools we have used are a little difficult to truly diagnose student needs. As we propose new goals I'm going to try to steer us away from some of that volatility.

Goal 1 - 90% of students will grow at least one year in their reading comprehension. Has each child grown by .6 up until this point? We are very average for growth and achievement at 52. Schoolwide target we are on track with 51% of the students to meet this goal. This isn't due to lack of monitoring because we talk about it every month. There is a growth scale that shows whether high kids grow as well as low kids. The volatility is due to the tool rather than the teaching. SGP is compared to other students around the country, GE is grade equivalent. The national is 50 for SGP

K - NA
1st - NA
2nd - SGP 48, GE 47%
3rd - SGP 54, GE 48%
4th - SGP 52, GE 57%
5th - SGP 56, GE 54%
ESL: Median SGP 33%, GE 35%

K - NA
1st - NA
2nd - SGP 28, GE 16%
3rd - SGP 25, GE 28%
4th - SGP 26, GE 47%
5th - SGP 51, GE 50%
Resource: Median SGP 47%, GE 35%

K - NA
1st - NA
2nd - SGP 48, GE 47%
3rd - SGP 54, GE 48%
4th - SGP 52, GE 57%
5th - SGP 56, GE 54%

Socio-economic status results will be coming out because we need a little more data to be able to put it together.

Maybe we need not to focus so much on the 90%, but rather focus on the process of learning. Students all have different needs, but we need to see them grow or move to the right based on where they are at. They will look like a big hairy audacious goal (BHAD)

Goal 2 - 90% of our students will master 80% of the essential standards (what we guarantee that all students in each class will learn) or show at least one years growth. Test is common formative assessments, benchmark assessments on Mastery Connect

Hillcrest overall: 70%
K- 87%
1st - 63%
2nd - 78%
3rd - 58%
4th - 65%
5th - 68%

Goal 3 - 90% of our students will master 80% of the standards or show at least one year's growth in science - measure will be teacher-created formative assessments (not essential, but all standards)

Hillcrest - Not enough data (NED) The teachers weren't instructed to put it into Mastery Connect so that data wasn't available. Spencer will get it and send it out to the council.

1st - NED
2nd - NED
3rd - NED
4th - 63%
5th - 73%

Sara - It was really good to look at goals at other elementary schools around the district and in the district. When we know actually how they are compared to others then we can know better how to spend the money wisely.

Equality vs Equity - Sometimes equity isn't equality. In order to get everyone to a goal sometimes one group needs more resources than another group.

Possible goals for consideration: Building student Growth mindset

  • Goal LA - all students will achieve two or more of their individualized DIBELS progress goals. Measure DIBELS pathways to progress goals
  • Goal Math - All students will meet their individualized growth goals as set by the classroom teacher. Measure: formative growth checks as set and monitored by the teacher.
  • Goal Math/LA/ Science - All students will progress towards mastery or beyond on essential standards. Measure: essential standards checks as set by grade level teams and presented to community council in October meeting of 2017.

Each student will have an individual goal that they can reach. It may not be a benchmark goal. So some kids may have goal to grow 2 years within 1 year while some others may be ½ years in the 1 year time. We need to diagnose roadblocks to growth, but we need to continue to push kids to reach the highest. It is impossible for all students to reach goals, but we want the goal to be that we will work to get all to that level. We will continue to use Husky trackers so kids know their individual goals and how they are moving forward to accomplish them. What are the parameters within which those individualized goals are set? One of the things I think we can add benchmark tests because that way we can say that the teacher isn't just making an easy test that all can reach. Some kids will have more probes than other kids because they need greater intervention.

Discussion on setting individual goals will happen with the teachers on March 10.

Other items for consideration

  • Next year each grade level will have three assigned teachers only
  • 5th grade will only have one class of DLI, numbering around 36 students
  • 4th grade Non-DLI will have one class numbering around 32
  • All classes will have class sizes staffed at around 1 to 27
  • Continuation of Leader in Me, Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Dance and Science Prep will cost the school around: $31,000 or $25,000 BTSA: $7,000, Leader in Me: $11,000 with training for principal and new staff or $5,000 for program without training, Science Prep: $13,000
  • Average classroom aide salary: Full day = $11,300, ½ day = $7,200
  • Average classroom set of Chromebooks = $14,000
  • Next years allocation as expected from LCSD = $57,300

There isn't a large impact on students with the Leader in Me, but it builds leadership skills. It seems that leader-in-me is only making kids that are already born leaders into better leaders. We can help kids be individual leaders without the LIM program.

We won't vote today, but we need to figure out a direction to move forward in. The #1 impact on student learning is teacher advocacy (setting individual goals for kids, owning those goals, not making those goals superfluous - they can set hard goals and work toward them). Another impact is that students are responsible for their own learning. They know what is expected and whether or not they have achieved them. What are you learning? Where are you at? What comes next? We are trying to get kids to reflect on their goals, know where they are, and where they go next.

Spencer would like to take the money that is now spent on BTSA and pool with other principals to hire a teacher to coordinate gifted-talented activities for students in all elementary schools. Some teachers don't have the skill-set to differentiate to higher students.

Spencer will fund most instructional aides; he would like us to fund aides to $20,000. We could also fund $13,000 for science, $14,000 for Chromebooks, and $7,000 for BTSA.

Spencer will send out goals after talking to teachers and we can vote by e-mail about funding.

Reed Olsen was our teacher of the year and was recognized in school board meeting last Tuesday.

Motion to adjourn - Kate, seconded Deandra

Meeting adjourned at 8:45