Community Council Minutes

January, 12, 2017 7:00 A.M.
Location: Hillcrest Elementary Conference Room

Jenna Williams Sara Doutre
Kate Twohig Jason Pond
Julie Benson Deandra Harps
Spencer Holmgren

Welcome: Sara Doutre

Public input - 1- build snow days into the calendar so we don't have to worry about making up days. 2 - Can more paths to the road be shoveled in the winter time so parents/students don't have to walk in the road?

Hillcrest mission - to ensure all students at Hillcrest are learners with skills to reach their dreams and succeed. We talk about this at the start of every meeting so we can remember why we are here and what we need to be focused on.

Motion to approve December minutes by Jason, seconded - Mr. Holmgren - vote was unanimous

Budget figures Mr. Holmgren got yesterday weren't updated. He is waiting for a current report from the district. He will send out updated budget figures as soon as he gets them. Jason suggested that the school district needs to know from multiple sources that we as council members expect these figures monthly so we can make smart decisions. Other council members agreed.

No by-laws were currently in place. Sara handed out by-laws she has created from downloading examples from various sources. Take them and look them over and give feedback to Sara a week before our next meeting. Would like to look particularly at elections and terms. One example mentioned a staff development plan, do we need to do a staff Development plan? (article III section b). Attendance - if people do not attend and don't respond to communication their position can be vacated. We should add a piece that allows us to vote on-line. A tie vote under Robert's Rules of Order is a loss to the proposal. Thanks Sara for doing the work to put this together. Get other edits and input to Sara by January 26. We will vote on by-laws at our next meeting

DLI survey information - Mr. Holmgren has worked with Jamie at state level to make the DLI transition to middle school. Two surveys - one for community, one for staff. We have 369 families but only had 153 responses. Survey results are attached.

Questions were raised as to why there were no responses that didn't support DLI. Mr. Holmgren tried to list those responses that had a consensus. There were those who were critical of DLI on both ends of the spectrum (DLI/non-DLI involved). He is willing to share more responses at future meetings if the council deems it necessary. This survey was only given to Hillcrest community, not Bridger. Is the survey just looking at the transition to middle school or are they looking at the program and whether or not to keep it? Mr. Holmgren said it was his understanding that they were just looking at things that need to be addressed as it transitions to Mt. Logan.

We have been working in PLC's (Professional Learning Communities) this year to really target individual student needs. It is a work in progress as we try to help all teachers understand their responsibility to all students, not just those in their classroom.

Topics for next meeting - achievements since DLI was implemented at school, professional development plan, and vote on by-laws

Meeting adjourned at 8:30