Community Council Minutes

Time: October 5, 2017 at 7:00am

Location: Hillcrest Elementary Conference Room

Sara Doutre (Chairman) Madison Cloward
Kate Twohig Sheli Field
Jason Pond Debbie Brough
Spencer Holmgren Kim Kelley

Agenda Topics

  • Public Input
  • -Carolyn Solonge (not present) -vision screening-dr. locally who will help kids with visual impairment. District does have a program for that through the foundation/district.

  • Hillcrest Mission

  • Budget Update

  • Review and approval September Minutes
  • -Motion to approve: Spencer Holmgren, Seconded: Kate Twohig, all voted in favor or approving Septembers minutes.

  • Cost of extra hours for teacher collaboration
  • -Kindergarten: 3 sections, Mrs. Melnick is half-day. What are the numbers to give Mrs. Melnick more time for collaboration (these numbers are for the school year)
    1hr/wk 1176
    1hr/day 5203
    Half day contract 37,600
    -No quorum present today to vote. General feeling is 1hr/week is doable and likely the best option. Review for next meeting.

    -Kim Kelley money discussion. After discussion with the aides, prefer money to go to Andrea, but there is also a technology need. 1st grade has 20 functional iPads, 80 kids, Mr. Hansen has 7 that are super old. Instructional aides have to borrow iPads back and forth. Proposal to give those 7 to aides. 1st grade would need 12 for Mr. Hansen, and 12 for Mrs. Kelley, totaling 24 iPads (already have 20, so 4 additionally).
    -District has purchasing protocols based on what works with their system.
    -Title 1 funds this year are VERY low. No aide money for aides this year, down from 40hr/wk a few years ago. Spencer recommends technology as it is a lump investment instead of ongoing aide money. This may be affected by the boundary alignments and Title 1 changes.
    -3rd and 5th got new chrome books. Older chrome books went to the STEM lab.

  • 2016-2017 SAGE Results
  • -Hillcrest received a 'B' grade. Sage scores are higher compared to District and State, and also compared to the last two years with the exception of math this year. -Math is a need, as it decreased proficiency by 8% over the last year. -Keep Imagine Learning and Ten Marks programs in mind as possibilities.

  • Community Council District Meeting
  • -Wait for Sara's report.

  • Update STEM and DLI
  • -We are moving forward with Stem Designation. Parent meetings have been happening. -DLI meetings: Next meeting 10/25. Sept meeting was cancelled due to conflicts.

  • Senator Lyle Hillyard Visit
  • -Took a tour of the school and Prof. Souza's class and the kindergarten's class. Discussion of district inequalities. His response was disheartening. Teachers teach for the love of seeing kids learn, not money. He would be willing to do a study about putting money where growth is.

  • School Boundary Discussion
  • New Hillcrest building -how big does the school need to be? -how many classrooms do we need?

    Spencer Holmgren motioned to adjourn. Kate Twohig seconded.

  • Items for next time
  • -Kindergarten collaboration time
    -iPads for 1st grade
    -Community Council District Meeting (Sara)

    Next Meeting: Nov. 2, 2017 at 7:00am