Community Council Minutes

November 3, 2016 7:00 A.M.
Location: Hillcrest Elementary Conference Room

Kate Twohig Kent Field
Deandra Harps Spencer Holmgren
Kim Kelley Jason Pond
Julie Benson Dayton Crites
Jenna Williams Brittany Andrus
Reed Tanner

Welcome - Kate

Approval of Minutes - Motion - Jason Pond, Seconded, Kate - vote unanimous to approve

For our SNAP (Safe Neighborhood Access Plan) discussion we have Kent Field (Hillcrest neighborhood representative) and Dayton Crites (Logan trails director). Looked at boundary and bussing maps. Dayton handed out Logan Citywide Existing & Proposed Bicycling & Walking System maps. If we can align our SNAP plan with the wider Logan city plan than we can qualify for funding grants from UDOT. As we try to improve walking paths from bus stops we need to communicate with the school in that area to improve the walking paths in that area. How do we know about funding grants? Dayton sent an e-mail out several months ago about grants, but got spotty response. Now he knows Mr. Holmgren so will make sure he gets the information. Since so few roads in Logan are UDOT, do they fund for improvements near their roads or just on their roads? No, only for their roads, but there is other funding that we can access. The biggest problem in this area is the cross walk on 1000 North 1600 East. There is really no safe way to cross that street. Mark Nilson is the contact person at Logan City in the Public Works department that we need to work with on that issue. Kent Field discussed the neighborhood meetings that the city used to have in each of the elementary school areas. In the neighborhood plan that that body put together there were some different things than in this plan. The city is moving away from the neighborhood meetings, they want a more grassroots effort. The community council could be that group to go forth and represent our neighborhood with that body. Did you work with Mark Nilson on that? No, I would recommend working with Aaron Smith, city planner. As we look at the plan and see something is proposed, how do we know what is proposed? You can go to the master plan (200 pages) and scroll through and see what options they have. The Hillcrest plan is going to have more specific details. As the two plans overlap there is more impetus to get things done. Come to the city with prioritized and specific items that you want to have done. If you want something done be the squeaky wheel that is constantly in contact with the city council and gets what they want.

Are there right now in the community things that are a priority? 1000 North and 1600 East.

If we come forward with an expensive fix and then agree to temporary fixes, does that bump us down on the priority list to fix the other issues? It could go either way. Just keep being the squeaky wheel. Approach the city council with something like, "We appreciate what you have done but look forward to having the future improvements made."

Let's table this and gather more information. I'm going to go and look at the neighborhood plans and see what is on them. I'll visit with LHS and Woodruff to see what they have identified in their plans. What does it take to get a crossing guard? It is through the police department and their salary comes from that. One of the things is there needs to be a certain amount of space between the 2 crossing guards. Maybe we should be a squeaky wheel with the police department as they can make a bigger impact sooner.

Budget update. Get budget printout from Spencer. We currently have $13,499.15 left, but some of that is already allocated. See attached budget sheet.

Based on our budget and what we have allocated, we would have run out of funding before the end of the year.

What is the deal that the high school and middle school have excess funds but our elementary is running short? In the past Marshal (former superinetendent) was taking care of trust land funds and he and principals were keeping separate accounts and they didn't always match. When Frank came Jeff Barben (district business manager) became more involved and tried to keep things together. We are having the district and principals all going into ALIO to make sure our accounts are the same. This monthly printout will show exactly where the money is going and what is left. By putting us all on the same balance sheet it will be easier to know exactly where we are budget wise. So funds don't belong to the district they can't go to the school with the greatest need? No, they can only go to the school they are assigned to.

The system we had before was a flawed system.

The budget shows that we have about 5,500 for the science specialist position. What direction do we want to take? The science prep at this point needs to change. If we picked up another person is the district money still available? Essentially we can afford a science prep teacher that can hit all of our kids every day. But we would have to take away the prep time and the campus monitoring duties. It would go from a 70 minute to a 40 minute prep. I gave SarahAnn the revised contract, but she wasn't able to commit to that. We can go back out through human resources and find a new person.

Logan district is facing a reduction of children and therefore a reduction in funding for things we are used to. We need to look at what is sustainable. There are a lot of programs going on at this school that take some serious funds. We need to look at the programs and decide what is really important. Do we want to spend on dance, leader in me, or instructional aides? Teachers would choose aides over Leader in Me. Everyone is talking about science. More classroom aides or 4-5 grade science? Having that extra science teacher really backed-up the science for the DLI students.

The teachers would prefer to stay after contract time to do PLC's rather than have an aide in the classroom for an hour. However, the administration can only require teachers to attend if it is during the school day. We are using our aide time differently. There are a lot of programs that are great at this school, but they all cost money. We actually have to look at those costs and decide what is the best use of our resources. How much does Leader in Me cost? $5000. It comes out of supplies budget which this year was only $8,000. What do we want to have as the outcome of this meeting?

Spencer - I think the teachers would push for aides. Parents would like 4-5 science, I've broken it down and we could get 5.5 hours of more aide time.

Jason made a motion to amend the plan to hire a science specialist to work with the 4-5 grade students. Brittany seconded - Motion passed

Can we hire the 4-5 and then someone for the other grades if possible? Yes, we can. Can parents come in and make a donation to fix this problem? You would have to talk to the Logan Foundation.

We are going to have to have some serious discussions in the future because of our reduced funding. We are going to have to decide what is really important.

Motion to adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 a.m.