Community Council Agenda

Time: April 12, 2018 at 7:00am

Location: Hillcrest Elementary Conference Room


Sara Doutre (Chair)

Kim Kelley

Kate Twohig (Vice Chair)

Madison Cloward

Sheli Field (Secretary)

Jason Pond

Spencer Holmgren

Debbie Brough

Heidi Thornley-visitor

Lisa Hopkins-visitor


Agenda Topics

·        Public Input

-Math literacy-GoMath and Envisions, parents asked about having a math literacy night for parents. Look into this.  Math programs also have websites to use at home.  There’s no one right way to do math.

-Share table-trays with re-freezable packs.  Items are being kept up till about 12:30 when the lunch staff goes home, then it’s being thrown away because no one has a food handler’s permit to watch over it.

-DLI 1st grade numbers are really low, about 26.  Planning a DLI night in the next few weeks with Spencer, DLI teachers, and a DLI family.  Kindergarten has been 80-85, this year 70. BRING TREATS!!

-Construction update-Proposals have been put out for contractors and architects.  Hopefully break ground Spring 2019, and then a year to complete. Airport construction is taking a lot of construction workers, raising prices.  Committee formed this spring for input on layout. It is still in the plan to realign boundaries to increase Hillcrest numbers to have 4 grades per level.

·        Hillcrest Mission

·        Review and approve minutes from March meeting-Debbie motions to approve, Sheli seconds, vote was unanimous.

·        Budget update-technical difficulties, so no budget update.

·        School Improvement Plan 2018-2019 discussion

-Overall budget estimate $57,344

-Paraprofessionals $36,000

-Technology Software $6,672

-Technology Hardware $6,672

-Dance $8,000

·        Review SNAP Plan

-Crossing guard by Aggie Village and on 1400 E/1000 N, is there a potential for a crossing guard on 1600 E/1000 N?

To Do:

-School zone, 20 MPH zone lights/signs

-Possible extra cones on 900 N/1400 E and 1600 E/1000 N

-Ask about painting curb on 900 N

-possible cross walk 1385N/1600 E, and 1500 N/1600 E

-Walking bus May 9th-looking for volunteers, if it goes well it may continue to expand to Walking Wednesdays or something similar

·        Recruiting-Elections held each fall. Look for potential members and invitations.

-look at term limits in the by-laws.

·        Next Steps, Assignments

-Spencer will send out budget

Debbie motions to adjourn, Sheli seconds the motion. All voted in favor.









Next Meeting: May 3, 2018 @ 7:00 AM