Student DANCE and MUSIC performance

Come and watch your child perform their grade level DANCE and SONG.

Performance estimated times are:

Hillcrest International Night 2017 - Monday, May 15th 

 Student Parade 6:00 pm - 6:15 pm 15 minutes 

5 minute transition - Songs & Dances

 6:15 PM - Kindergarten song "Zum Gali Gali".  Dance "The Mexican Hat Dance".    

 6:20 PM - 1st Grade song "Epo I tai tai e". 1st Grade dance "The Broom Dance"    

 6:30 PM - 2nd Grade song "Hello to All the Children of the World". 2nd Grade dance "The Bird Dance"    

6:40 PM - 3rd Grade song "Que Hora Es". 3rd Grade dance "Zemer Atik and Bom Bom Bom"    

 6:55 PM   DLI 3-4th Grades 1) "A linda rosa juvenil", 2) A historia de uma gata" 

 7:00 PM  4th Grade song "Frere Jacques". 4th Grade dance "The Conga and Cupid Shuffle

 7:15 PM - 5th Grade song "I'd like to Teach the World to Sing". 5th Grade dance "The Bridge of Athlone and T`Smidge

5 minute transition

 7:25 PM - China - Cheongsam show  

 7:35 PM - India Kathak Composition - Indian Classical Dance