Student DANCE and MUSIC performance

Come and watch your child perform their grade level DANCE and SONG.

Performance estimated times are:

Hillcrest International Night 2017 - Monday, May 15th 

 Student Parade 6:00 pm - 6:15 pm 15 minutes 

5 minute transition - Songs & Dances

 6:15 PM - Kindergarten song "Zum Gali Gali".  Dance "The Mexican Hat Dance".    

 6:20 PM - 1st Grade song "Epo I tai tai e". 1st Grade dance "The Broom Dance"    

 6:30 PM - 2nd Grade song "Hello to All the Children of the World". 2nd Grade dance "The Bird Dance"    

6:40 PM - 3rd Grade song "Que Hora Es". 3rd Grade dance "Zemer Atik and Bom Bom Bom"    

 6:55 PM   DLI 3-4th Grades 1) "A linda rosa juvenil", 2) A historia de uma gata" 

 7:00 PM  4th Grade song "Frere Jacques". 4th Grade dance "The Conga and Cupid Shuffle

 7:15 PM - 5th Grade song "I'd like to Teach the World to Sing". 5th Grade dance "The Bridge of Athlone and T`Smidge

5 minute transition

 7:25 PM - China - Cheongsam show  

 7:35 PM - India Kathak Composition - Indian Classical Dance  


ATTENTION parents!!! We need representatives to present a country's culture!

Dear families,

Our annual International Night involves a lot of planning and preparation to provide exciting cultural activities and experiences to enhance learning about diversity for our children.

You can help by representing a country:

  1. *Options are to either: set up a table with souvenirs, play music, do an art, do a craft, a poster, a game, or other, similar activities.

To volunteer to represent a country, please e-mail: or call (435) 755-2360


We need help with face painting, piñatas, clean-up, and organization.

Please volunteer to help. If you can't, please attend the celebration. It'll be loads of fun!

Your student has been preparing a dance and a song all year long that they will perform specifically for International Night!

Learn about international dances:

Raffle Tickets

Earn your raffle ticket by completing 11 activities on the activity sheet.


Complete 11 activities 

then, sign your ticket in the office for the GRAND PRIZE drawings during our International Night Celebration on Monday, May 15th from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm.

List of Activities


  1. Around the World for Kids - Time for Kids
  2. China - paper lanterns
  3. China - using chopsticks
  4. Chinese inventions
  5. Cool Country Report
  6. Coloring Pages - Children Around the World
  7. Coloring Pages - Some Flags of the World
  8. Countries and Continents of the World
  9. Countries Project
  10. Dancing Dragon Card COLOR or BLACK/WHITE
  11. Dora's Superamarket Bingo
  12. Flags of the World - PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3
  14. Lonely Planet's country quizzes, OR mapsOR connections, OR borrowed words
  15. Reading Around the World - tracker, bookmarks, and clothing
  16. Science Activities around the world
  17. Spain - my book of Spain
  18. Vimeo - Travel for Kids
  19. World Map with Countries

*Earn a GRAND PRIZE ticket, intercultural learning and prizes by completing 11 activities of your choice.


C1) ¨ Complete Cool Country Report 

C2) ¨ Find a CURRENT EVENT and talk about it with an adult or write a summary

C3) ¨ Learn about the United Nations

C4) ¨ Learn about UNESCO


D1) ¨ Dress in traditional clothing on Friday, May 12th

D2) ¨ Perform a dance rehearsal for international night

D3) ¨ With a parent’s help, watch an int’l dance online, ex. RUSSIA or PERU or PERU II


G1) ¨ Play the National Geographic game

G2) ¨ Identify 10 country’s flags in the hallway w/ friend

G3) ¨ Make an international menu book and name it: "The 7 Best Recipes on the Planet" - *KidsGetCooking* or *20 Easy International Recipes* or *R4HKchildcare* or *The International Low Salt Cookbook*

G4) ¨ Play an international game

G5) ¨ Play Pictionary using a foreign language

G6) ¨ Play “Where in the World is Mr. Holmgren?”

Individual Where in the World is...Game Boards

World Sheet 1 * World Sheet 2 * World Sheet 3 * World Sheet 4 * World Sheet 5 * World Sheet 6 * World Sheet 7 * World Sheet 8 * World Sheet 9 * World Sheet 10 * World Sheet 11 * World Sheet 12 * World Sheet 13 * World Sheet 14 * World Sheet 15 * World Sheet 16 * World Sheet 17 * World Sheet 18 * World Sheet 19 * World Sheet 20 * World Sheet 21 * World Sheet 22 * World Sheet 23 * World Sheet 24 * World Sheet 25 * World Sheet 26 * World Sheet 27 * World Sheet 28 * World Sheet 29 * World Sheet 30 * World Sheet 31 * World Sheet 32 * World Sheet 33  * World Sheet 34 * World Sheet 35 * World Sheet 36 * World Sheet 37 * World Sheet 38 * World Sheet 39 * World Sheet 40 * World Sheet 41* World Sheet 42 * World Sheet 43 * World Sheet 44 * World Sheet 45

T1) ¨ Fill out the 7 continents worksheet

M1) ¨ Make your flag for the international parade

M2) ¨ Listen to international music in the cafeteria   during lunch

M4) ¨ Poster contest (with 10 interesting facts)

M5) ¨ Make a multilingual/multicultural POSTER with your class about

M6) ¨ Complete a Cultural project

M7) ¨ Watch Jose Luis Orozco's classroom songs

M8) ¨ Color a page from “Children from Around the World”

M9) ¨ Make a “thankyou” dancing dragon card

S1) ¨ Write about an int’l scientific feat or scientist

S2) ¨ Science projects around the world

S3) ¨ Create a slideshow about a country or int’l idea *Click Here for some ideas/examples*

                            *Use PREZI or Microsoft PowerPoint or the like*

R1) ¨ Read a book about another country alone or in class

R2) ¨ Try your hand at Calligraphy

R3) ¨ Write an essay about why it is important to learn a 2nd language and how to learn a 2nd language.

R4) ¨ Read or Write a story or poem in another language.

R5) ¨ Interview a person who was born in or lived in a different country than yours with your own ?’s

H1) ¨ Sticky-note objects in a room in a different

H2) ¨ Take a virtual field trip of another country *Rick Steves'* or *National Geographic City Tour* or *Expedia City Tour* or the like...

H3) ¨ Watch BBC's: Being Spanish, Being French or Being German (at school on the I:/ drive in Virtual Field Trips folder or the 00 International Week stuff 2017 folder)

H4) ¨ Research and write a paper about a country of your choice.

H5) ¨ Learn some foreign words - Mango (logan library) / Youtube

H6 ¨ Visit Harry Potter Sites in the UK



Where in the World is...


Where in the World...

Play this game to learn about different countries.

Find the publications in the hallways or here:


There are several activities students can do online. One option is to watch 1 or all of BBC's videos for students and life in Spain, France, and Germany.

Please visit this link for videos:


Global Flag Parade

Students made and colored a flag of their choice from different countries. This counts for one of the activities. 

Students will need to pick up their flag before the parade. They are grouped by library prep groups.


Student Flag Parade

Monday, May 15th at 6:00 pm

Weekly Activities Explanation

Students will need to complete 11 Activities to earn a raffle ticket for a prize drawing during the International Cultural Celebration on the night of Monday, May 15th from 5:30 - 8:00 pm.




Students will need to complete 11 Activities to earn a raffle ticket for a prize drawing during the International Cultural Celebration on the night of Monday, May 15th from 5:30 - 8:00 pm.